Welcome To The Joyful Journey of Scripture Memory!

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This website is a resource tool for my book, The Joyful Journey.

Now, if you’ve never heard of my book, no worries!

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Come on an Adventure with Me!

I have found a joyful method for memorizing God’s Word that will give you a deeper insight into how much God loves you and how uniquely created you are!

Using my Bible study, The Joyful Journey, we’ll explore new ways to help you use your mind, body, and soul to memorize God’s Word and to find a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with Him, using your God-given creativity.

Wait! Did your brain just switch to neutral when I mentioned creativity?

Bear with me! Don’t let a fear of creativity make you lose out on learning this Scripture memory method.

Being artistic and being creative is not the same thing! Not many of us are very artistic, myself included, but, I believe, God made each of us to be creative in our own unique way.

We serve a creative God, and He made us in His image. Think about it. The same creative God who made giraffes and hummingbirds designed you. He gave you a set of particular interests and abilities that make you the person you are.

Come on! Let’s discover your unique joy in memorizing God’s Word!

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