Chapter 4 – Creative Response Download

Chapter 4 - Doodle Example
Here’s an example of what a doodled verse may look like.

Study Leaders, give this information to your group:

You have two options:

Option 1:

Use doodling to demonstrate your verse.

What’s the difference between doodling and drawing?

Doodling is simply drawing shapes, rather than objects.

Write your verse in a doodling style or make it into a diagram.

For example, you may want to put a circle or other shapes around a certain word, draw arrows, wavy lines, etc.

You may want to create your doodle in pencil and then add colors after you are satisfied with your design.

Option 2:

On a piece of paper (maybe even scrapbook paper) write your verse in a typographical style, such as a cute chalkboard design, for example. You may want to sue a different print style and different colors to emphasize certain words. You may also want to make some words larger than others, etc.


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