Author Bio

Carrie Braymer McFerron is not an artist!

Image 1As an attorney, journalist, and professor, her education and professional life has been much more analytical than artistic.

So what can she possibly have to say about using your creativity to memorize Scripture?

She gets it.

Carrie has experienced the same intimidation that most of us feel when we are presented with an artistic challenge. So, she knows first-hand how scary it can be when “mere mortals” attempt to express themselves creatively.

She also understands the frustration of working hard to learn Scripture, only to have the verses disappear from memory within a few weeks.

Using methods she developed as an award-winning teacher, Carrie has devised a strategy for making Scripture memory joyful, but effective.

After years of failed attempts to memorize God’s Word, Carrie has found a way to learn Scripture through creative expression. By regularly memorizing the Word, she now has a growing library of Bible verses readily accessible anytime she needs them.

Carrie has a passion for learning more about God through Scripture memory. That’s why she wants to share her techniques with you!