Chapter 2 – Creative Response Download

Study Leaders:

This week, your group is going to use gel pens or markers to write Psalm 119:37 in a variety of colors and fonts to help them learn the verse. This method is especially effective for tactile learners.

Click here to see some examples of verses, along with the download for the doodling grid, which will be needed for the homework described below.

Make copies the grid page (or ask each member of your group to bring their own downloaded copy of the page).

After the Creative Response portion of your meeting give each person a copy of the grid below to practice doodling. Create a different doodle design in each grid, just to see if doodling is something that will help your members with memorization.

Doodling is simply using shapes, squiggles, or symbols to create a pattern. I like to use numbers and letters, as well as basic shapes, to make a design.

If you enjoy doodling or if you find that drawing a picture of a concept in an effort to learn that concept, doodling may help you memorize Scripture. We’ll apply this technique to memorizing God’s Word in the next chapter, but for now, just enjoy making a variety of designs!

Here ‘s a website that gives you an easy-to-follow format for learning to doodle – Totally Easy Zentangle

PC DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: To save the image to your computer, put your cursor on the image, right click and select “Save Image As…” Then, select a file on your computer to save the image to, or save it to your desktop. Once you have downloaded the image, you’ll be able to print it out.