Chapter 5 – Creative Response Download

We’ve been working on thinking of memory hooks (the concept or idea that will help you remember your verse). Now, we are moving on to designing memory prompts, which are the visual images based on our memory hooks.

Keep in mind, we are experimenting with different ways to make memory prompts as we stretch our creativity. So, this week, we’re going to use an elegantly simple idea to create a memory prompt.

Nikolai Tolstyh is a Russian artist, who photographs paper silhouettes the colors and textures found in nature.

You can find examples of his work here:

 You can create similar works of art as a way to enhance your creativity as you memorize verses.

You can download the templates for these cut-out designs, print out the images, cut out the silhouette, and then lay the paper over a photo or scrapbook paper to create your memory prompt.

Click here to see a few examples and to download the templates to make your own.

PC DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: To save an image to your computer, put your cursor on the image, right click and select “Save Image As…” Then, select a file on your computer to save the image to, or save it to your desktop. Once you have downloaded the image, you’ll be able to print it out.