Chapter 6 – Creative Response Download

Use the “prayer coloring” method I described in Chapter 5 to create a memory prompt by writing your verse over and over again to color an image. This method from memorizing Scripture is especially helpful for tactile learners.

Click here to see some examples of prayer coloring, along with more information about how to do it.

Write your verse on the margin of the paper so that you can refer to it as your fill in the design. Your handwriting should not be legible, just fill in every white space with letters, even if you have to scatter a word over several different areas.

I’ve provided an assortment of coloring pages for you to download, or you can choose your own coloring page from a variety of websites on the Internet.

Important Note: To print out the coloring pages I provide in the link below, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Chose a coloring page by clicking on it. When you click on your selection, it will open a new link.
  3. Right click on the coloring page.
  4. Select “View Page.” (left click)
  5. Right click and select “Save Page As.”
  6. Save the image to your desktop (unless you want to create a folder for saving your images).
  7. Now that you have downloaded your coloring page as a jpeg image, you’ll need to insert it into a document so that you can print it out as a full-size page.
  8. Open Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or any other word processing software.
  9. Create a new document.
  10. For Microsoft software, click on the Insert tab at the top of the screen.
  11. Select “Picture.”
  12. Navigate to “Desktop” and find your image.
  13. Select your image and click the “Insert” button.
  14. You can now use the mouse to enlarge the image by dragging a corner of the image.
  15. If you need to reorient the image from landscape to portrait, use the light green circle attached to the image to change the orientation.
  16. Name and save your document.
  17. Print your image.

Click here to go to the coloring pages.

Click here for links to a few of the coloring page websites that offer free downloads.

PC DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: To save an image to your computer, put your cursor on the image, right click and select “Save Image As…” Then, select a file on your computer to save the image to, or save it to your desktop. Once you have downloaded the image, you’ll be able to print it out.